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Remote Radiator System Application

  • It is applied to the high-rise buildings such as commercial building, hospital etc. Because the space of the machine room is small and the heat dissipation is unfavorable, it is necessary to use the cooling system of the remote radiator. In the system, the radiator is separated from the generator set. The coolant is driven by the circulating pump, and the heat exchanged between the genset and the heat exchanger is sent to the remote radiator, and the heat is discharged by the radiator finally.

    PAUWAY power production remote water cooling system has been successfully applied to hospitals, banks and other industries, safe and reliable.

    According to the user"s installation environment (such as a basement or a narrow space) we will install generator with plate heat exchanger installed in the machine room; the remote type cooling system (remote radiator or cooling tower) installed in the appropriate location away from the machine room; the pipeline (pumps, pipes and enclosed fittings) and plate type heat exchanger is connected with the remote type cooling system to cool the fuel using separate radiator.