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Intelligent Power Station

  • Intelligent power station are composed of sevel diesel genserating sets in parallel running. It is divided into isolated network (independent) or power grid peaking power generation two models which are deployed and managed by the central control system. Intelligent power station including: high and low voltage power distribution system, transmission and distribution system, central control system, fuel supply system, cooling system, lubricating oil system etc..

    PAUWAY is very rich in experience and got many typical cases in the field of intelligent power station. Our design capability is strong so that the whole power station is intelligent, modular, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and we can undertake independent power plant EPC general contract project.

    1 typical cases: Uganda Kaluma hydropower station construction centralized power station
    An intelligent power plant consisting of 9 units PWM1250 diesel generators is set up, and the generator set outputs volatge is 400V. After the boost transformer, the voltage is boosted to 6.3KV for synchronize power supply. The entire power station can automatically split and run according to the load condition.

    2 typical cases: Uganda Yixinba hydropower station construction centralized power station
    Composed of 10 units PWM660 gensets to be a big generating group, and then divided into 6 groups of generating units, each consisting of two units within the group and the 2 units are parallel running in low voltage, 6 units group respectively through 6 units 1600KVA 0.4/10.5KV step-up transformer, group and group synchronize between the high voltage side then supply electricity to the high voltage switch cabinet. The whole power plant can split and run automatically according to the load condition.