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Mine Application

  • A group of generator sets consisting of multiple high-voltage generators. Such group of generators parellel running as a common power supply, one or more units in accordance with the designated time period for the rest or ready mode. when a single large load needs to start, the control system to determine the adequacy of the reserve capacity of the group, if not sufficient, it will go to start the backup unit to achieve "Heavy load request" function.
    There are environmental factors, such as high temperature, sand wind and so on in mine application.
    Pauway has the ability to deal with relevant environmental conditions to ensure reliable operation of power station.
    Typical Case 1: The Eritrean gold Mine EPC project.
    The use of 7 sets of PWM2500HV container-type silent type high-voltage generator sets, the entire power station to supply the entire gold mining area production and life power supply. When daytime production hours, gensets will automatically parallel running to form 1unit 11MW power station. When night it will operate automatic unloading, each generator unit has a half cylinder working capacity, saving operating costs.
    Typical Case 2: Ghana"s Gold Mine project.
    The use of 30 sets of 600kw-1200kw outdoor generator sets of long line power station, each unit has sand-proof function, and can overcome high-temperature environment, to ensure power supply.