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Heavy Load Request Application

  • A group of generator sets consisting of multiple high-voltage generators. Such group of generators parellel running as a common power supply, one or more units in accordance with the designated time period for the rest or ready mode. When a single large load needs to start, the control system to determine the adequacy of the reserve capacity of the group, if not sufficient, it will go to start the backup unit or rest unit . This feature is called "Heavy load request" function to ensure that the large power load starts normally.

    Typical Case 1: The Eritrean gold Mine EPC project.
    The project has 1 large-scale power load-TMW2100-30-2600TH ball Mills, the ball mill needs to start operation with the generator set. Based load and the largest motor ball mill (TMW2100-30-2600TH) capacity and characteristics on site, our company carried out a review of the capacity of the generator set, take a reduced-voltage start for the ball mill synchronous motor , priority starting ball mill, starting capacity = 8458 (KVA) When the ball mill is in trouble after running, the ball mill is started again, and the output capacity of the generator set is =12500 (KVA) under the condition of the normal operation of the whole mine part load. According to the calculation results, the minimum output capacity of the diesel generator set in this project should not be less than 12500 (KVA). In the end, we use 7 sets of 1640KW generator units to ensure the normal work of the project production. They are good running from 2013 till now.