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Dual Power Mutual Mapping Application

  • In unattended condition, single or multiple power generator groups real-time monitor of the main power supply. When main power supply failure, backup generators willautomatic start quickly and supply electricity immediately; When main power supply recovery, backup generators will automatic shutdown and switch over. The application could be switching with one or more main power supply.

    Pauway Dual Power Mutual Mapping Application has been successfully used in buildings, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, stations, airports, factories and other places such as fire fighting, emergency, etc. as backup power supply.

    Typical Case 1: Tianjin University
    This project uses 1 sets of PWC1100 generators, applied to the new campus of Tianjin University. Automatic start up of backup generator set and automatic switching of main power supply.

    Typical case 2: Baoneng Technology Square
    This project uses 2 sets of PWM1250 generator unit for parallel operation, which should be used in the basement of office building to ensure the backup power supply. After the 2-way mains power is lost, the generators automatically start parallel operation and switch over the power supply.