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Data center

Pauway can provide you with the highest level of Tier IV data center integrated solution to ensure your data rock-solid.

  • Overseas projects

    As the forerunner of overseas projects, Pauway Generator Group is responsible for the project construction and the life power of the engineering personnel, and at the end of the project, it still provides a powerful power supply guarantee for the project operation.

  • Military

    Pauway custom power devices are capable of challenging any difficult environment.

  • Municipal

    Pauway can prepare for the peak or emergency of municipal power consumption.

  • Manufacturing

    Pauway Generator set designed to save operating costs, there are hundreds of Pauway generators active in industrial and mining enterprises.

  • High-end real Estate

    Pauway with industry experience and regular maintenance, to provide the most cost-effective standby power supply, at any time to respond to your needs, to provide efficient electrical support for your business.
  • Construction

    Pauway Generator set is simple and strong, flexible move in the construction operation Environment, It will bring security for your construction.

  • Medical

    The Pauway fast-starting generator can relieve you of the subsequent trouble of the medical process from power outages.

  • Agriculture. fishing & forestry

    The continuous and stable  power of Pauway generator set can provide guarantee for your normal production.

  • Education

    Pauway Generator sets provide the most reliable security for students.

  • 新能源

    PAUWAY 可为您提供安全、可靠、经济的冷热电联产燃气易胜博网址

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