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1. What are the replacement parts for a Cummins diesel engine routine repair?

A :1, piston ring, 2, inlet door, 3, Exhaust door, 4, Intake door seat; 5, intake and exhaust door conduit, 6, Live jian cooling nozzle, 7, upper repair package, 8, turbocharger repair kits, 9, Gas door locks, 10, connecting rod tiles, 11, oil bottom shell gasket; 12, injector adjustment and accessories; PT oil pump adjustment and accessories; 14. Cylinder liner.

2. What are the reasons for diesel engine black smoke?

A :1, turbocharger work failure; 2, valve assembly is bad, 3, injector or high-pressure oil pump precision coupling work failure; 4,camshaft components wear excessive;5, the intercooler is too dirty, the gas intake is not enough; 6, fuel injector aprons seal bad; 7 , cylinder assembly pull cylinder; 8, poor diesel quality, 9, air filter blocking.

3. What are the causes of the engine white smoke?

A :1, injector or high-pressure oil pump precision coupling failure; 2, diesel engine burning oil (ie, the turbocharger burning oil), 3, valve guide pipe and valve wear excessive, oil leakage into the cylinder, 4, there is water in diesel, 5, injector copper sleeve leaking water into the cylinder, 6, piston ring wear over or oil ring is fitted reversely, cylinder burning oil. 7, exhaust breathing tube did not clean for a long time, dirty or blocked.


4. At high load, what are the causes of the smoke exhaust pipe and the turbocharger redness?

A :1, fuel injector or high-pressure oil pump precision coupling work failure; 2, camshaft, with moving arm components, rocker arm components excessive wear, 3, the intercooler is too dirty, air inlet shortage, 4, turbocharger work failure, 5, air valve components sealed bad.

5. In general, under what circumstances, the diesel engine operating power loss is larger?

A :1, the cylinder components wear too much; 2, fuel injector or high-pressure oil pump precision coupling work failure, 3, PT Pump work failure, 4, the timing correction gear work abnormally 5, turbocharger work failure, 6, intercooler dirty; 7, the air valve seal is bad; 8, diesel lattice, air lattice is too dirty.

6. Diesel engine oil pressure is too low ,what is the cause?

A :1, the bearing and crankshaft of the coordination gap is too large, that is, the bearing and crankshaft wear over; 2, a variety of bushings and shafting wear is too large, 3, cooling nozzle or oil pipeline leakage, 4, oil pump work failure, 5, oil pressure sensor failure, 6, oil cooler too dirty which lead to excessive high temperature, 7, oil quality is bad.

Installation, Commissioning and Training

Provide technical guidance for professional installation and use of PAUWAY units, and also provide a complete set of installation and commissioning services.

Annual inspection
The annual inspection means the regular professional inspection of your diesel engine system by the PAUWAY qualified after-sales team, which helps you to identify and solve the problem as soon as possible. It ensures effective preventive maintenance, helps you shorten maintenance or unexpected downtime, and optimizes the performance and life of your system. The PAUWAY maintenance technician checks the maintenance status and determines if any additional maintenance and repair is needed. The process involves visual inspection, test run, leak check, field engine lubrication and coolant analysis, diagnostic evaluation and reporting.

Our technical staff will evaluate the effectiveness of the maintenance plan and provide expert recommendations with emphasis on any other preventive maintenance or maintenance work required. They will also provide information about product development and implementation upgrade options. The annual inspection contract is flexible and can provide convenient services worldwide through our PAUWAY service network.

Comprehensive and comprehensive training is the best way to get the highest efficiency of your equipment. From a timely preventive maintenance to efficient diagnosis and maintenance, our training program can help your maintenance personnel to be proficient in PAUWAY diesel engine system. We can provide a wide range of customized training programs to maximize your return on investment, regardless of what products or applications are available. The manufacturing base in Tianjin, China, provides practical learning experience for trainees. The training center also has experienced expert trainers who know how to impart valuable product knowledge to trainees.

Whether it"s a new generator or a highly complex system, we can provide full support for our customers. Our technical service network, consisting of experienced and skilled debugging experts, is active around the world and continues to receive professional skills training to meet the needs of customers. Their debugging methods are systematic and need to fill in strict checklists and protocols beyond the standard delivery requirements to ensure that the equipment can be assembled, assembled and optimized on the spot. Check the host and system values to ensure that all normal operation, commissioning technicians can also complete other tasks according to the requirements - including power commissioning, operation, remote diagnostic settings, or give your operator additional instructions. Our commitment is to ensure that the system has the highest availability and security.

Maintenance Service

spare parts
In order to ensure the normal operation of your equipment, please choose PAUWAY series of genuine spare parts. Only PAUWAY can guarantee that these spare parts are designed, tested and approved for your generator system. PAUWAY spare parts can make your equipment to achieve the best performance, extend its service life and meet the current stringent requirements. After years of unremitting research and development, PAUWAY spare parts passed the quality audit and continuous improvement, make it the most suitable for your system.

Complete and comprehensive life cycle support
You can calculate the spare parts utilization and delivery cycle of the entire life cycle of the product - they last for decades. We can provide everything needed for turnkey installation, including professional consulting, special tools, rental tools and spare parts kits.

High utilization and fast delivery
We pay close attention to the normal running time as much as you do. Therefore, we can ensure that our company"s full range of generators and systems to provide a full range of genuine spare parts. No matter what kind of spare parts you need, no matter where you are in the world, we will provide you with all kinds of spare parts through the most advanced logistics.

PAUWAY diesel engine system is designed according to the highest standards in the industry. As your preventive maintenance plan an important part, we can provide PAUWAY certification through a single source generator filter, lubricating oil and coolant for you, to maximize the performance of the engine and system, prolong the service life, and protect your investment.

We choose different types of filters for different types of engines to ensure reliable and durable engine performance. Our product line includes lubricating oil filter, coolant filter, air filter, fuel prefilter and fuel filter. PAUWAY certified filters are made of rugged and resilient materials, which can be removed prior to contaminants entering the critical parts of the engine, avoiding premature wear and reduced assembly life. The filter media is carefully designed to prevent premature plugging and reliably remove particles with a specific particle size. These filters are resistant to extrusion even in harsh applications. The unique characteristics of the filter make it reliable throughout the service life.

Lubricating oil
Lubricating oil plays an important role in protecting your investment in engine and system. Lubricating oil is designed to protect the engine from harmful wear, corrosion and harmful particles to maximize engine performance. The engine oil can make the piston excellent cleanliness even under high heat load, which ensures the maximum efficiency of the engine and reduces maintenance. At the same time, they also have the ability to control abnormal fuel consumption and thermal stability, in harsh applications can maintain a certain viscosity and reduce shear capacity.

PAUWAY coolant is specially designed to protect engines and systems. In cold environment, the coolant has a lower freezing point, which can protect the engine from damage. It can also improve its boiling point under high temperature conditions and harsh applications. The coolant can protect the cooling system from all kinds of corrosion. The coolant can form a durable protective layer to protect the cylinder liner and the pump from pitting corrosion. With excellent heat transfer characteristics, the coolant has high temperature stability and can prevent engine overheating. In order to achieve further protection, the coolant can also inhibit corrosion and reduce the possible leakage and the damage of expensive parts.


7. What are the reasons for the high temperature of the diesel engine?

A :1, the water pump is damaged, 2, the thermostat is damaged, 3, fan belt, pump belt is too loose, 4, Radiator is dirty (internal or external).

8.In what condition, diesel engine will get bush-buring

A:1、Oil pump work failure;2、excessive gap of the shafts,;3、lack of water lead to high temperature ;4、oil shelve block ;5、oil quality is bad。

what is causes for engine bottom foul air or it come from the engine foul air pipe?

A :1, cylinder components wear over, 2, oil bottom shell has water (cylinder head rupture, injector copper sleeve water, cylinder liner rotten wear, cylinder liner leakage, cylinder leakage); 3, there is cylinder scuffing phenomenon.

10. What causes the engine speed instability?

Answer:1, the diesel engine has the power loss too big fault, 2, PT Pump"s electronic actuator attrition and the PT pump internal mechanical fault, 3, EFC electronic speed board work failure, 4, the speed of the head damage, 5, diesel fuel lattice too dirty, 6, diesel pipeline leakage.
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