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Maintenance Service

spare parts
In order to ensure the normal operation of your equipment, please choose PAUWAY series of genuine spare parts. Only PAUWAY can guarantee that these spare parts are designed, tested and approved for your generator system. PAUWAY spare parts can make your equipment to achieve the best performance, extend its service life and meet the current stringent requirements. After years of unremitting research and development, PAUWAY spare parts passed the quality audit and continuous improvement, make it the most suitable for your system.

Complete and comprehensive life cycle support
You can calculate the spare parts utilization and delivery cycle of the entire life cycle of the product - they last for decades. We can provide everything needed for turnkey installation, including professional consulting, special tools, rental tools and spare parts kits.

High utilization and fast delivery
We pay close attention to the normal running time as much as you do. Therefore, we can ensure that our company"s full range of generators and systems to provide a full range of genuine spare parts. No matter what kind of spare parts you need, no matter where you are in the world, we will provide you with all kinds of spare parts through the most advanced logistics.

PAUWAY diesel engine system is designed according to the highest standards in the industry. As your preventive maintenance plan an important part, we can provide PAUWAY certification through a single source generator filter, lubricating oil and coolant for you, to maximize the performance of the engine and system, prolong the service life, and protect your investment.

We choose different types of filters for different types of engines to ensure reliable and durable engine performance. Our product line includes lubricating oil filter, coolant filter, air filter, fuel prefilter and fuel filter. PAUWAY certified filters are made of rugged and resilient materials, which can be removed prior to contaminants entering the critical parts of the engine, avoiding premature wear and reduced assembly life. The filter media is carefully designed to prevent premature plugging and reliably remove particles with a specific particle size. These filters are resistant to extrusion even in harsh applications. The unique characteristics of the filter make it reliable throughout the service life.

Lubricating oil
Lubricating oil plays an important role in protecting your investment in engine and system. Lubricating oil is designed to protect the engine from harmful wear, corrosion and harmful particles to maximize engine performance. The engine oil can make the piston excellent cleanliness even under high heat load, which ensures the maximum efficiency of the engine and reduces maintenance. At the same time, they also have the ability to control abnormal fuel consumption and thermal stability, in harsh applications can maintain a certain viscosity and reduce shear capacity.

PAUWAY coolant is specially designed to protect engines and systems. In cold environment, the coolant has a lower freezing point, which can protect the engine from damage. It can also improve its boiling point under high temperature conditions and harsh applications. The coolant can protect the cooling system from all kinds of corrosion. The coolant can form a durable protective layer to protect the cylinder liner and the pump from pitting corrosion. With excellent heat transfer characteristics, the coolant has high temperature stability and can prevent engine overheating. In order to achieve further protection, the coolant can also inhibit corrosion and reduce the possible leakage and the damage of expensive parts.