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Installation, Commissioning and Training

Provide technical guidance for professional installation and use of PAUWAY units, and also provide a complete set of installation and commissioning services.

Annual inspection
The annual inspection means the regular professional inspection of your diesel engine system by the PAUWAY qualified after-sales team, which helps you to identify and solve the problem as soon as possible. It ensures effective preventive maintenance, helps you shorten maintenance or unexpected downtime, and optimizes the performance and life of your system. The PAUWAY maintenance technician checks the maintenance status and determines if any additional maintenance and repair is needed. The process involves visual inspection, test run, leak check, field engine lubrication and coolant analysis, diagnostic evaluation and reporting.

Our technical staff will evaluate the effectiveness of the maintenance plan and provide expert recommendations with emphasis on any other preventive maintenance or maintenance work required. They will also provide information about product development and implementation upgrade options. The annual inspection contract is flexible and can provide convenient services worldwide through our PAUWAY service network.

Comprehensive and comprehensive training is the best way to get the highest efficiency of your equipment. From a timely preventive maintenance to efficient diagnosis and maintenance, our training program can help your maintenance personnel to be proficient in PAUWAY diesel engine system. We can provide a wide range of customized training programs to maximize your return on investment, regardless of what products or applications are available. The manufacturing base in Tianjin, China, provides practical learning experience for trainees. The training center also has experienced expert trainers who know how to impart valuable product knowledge to trainees.

Whether it"s a new generator or a highly complex system, we can provide full support for our customers. Our technical service network, consisting of experienced and skilled debugging experts, is active around the world and continues to receive professional skills training to meet the needs of customers. Their debugging methods are systematic and need to fill in strict checklists and protocols beyond the standard delivery requirements to ensure that the equipment can be assembled, assembled and optimized on the spot. Check the host and system values to ensure that all normal operation, commissioning technicians can also complete other tasks according to the requirements - including power commissioning, operation, remote diagnostic settings, or give your operator additional instructions. Our commitment is to ensure that the system has the highest availability and security.